Mohammad Riazi

Mohammad Riazi

I was born in Iran in 1979. In 1997, I passed the Iranian National University Entrance Examination with a rank of 830 out of more than 450,000 participants and started my undergraduate studies in Aerospace Engineering at the famous Amirkabir University of Technology. After graduation I received the Iranian Aerospace Society Award as the 1st Ranking BSc. student. In September 2001, I started my Master’s studies in Aerospace Engineering in the area of flight dynamics and control at Sharif University of Technology, the most prestigious engineering school in Iran. Under the supervision of Prof. Maleek, the head of flight dynamics and control division, I wrote my thesis titled: “Ride quality control system design for flexible aircrafts in cruising flight” and defended it with honours in January 2004.

After graduation I joined the oldest private Aircraft Company in Iran, Dorna Co. In Dorna my responsibilities focused on improving flying and handling qualities of aircraft, developing flight test procedures and obtaining required certifications for design and manufacturing of BLUE BIRD, a light aircraft which was designed and manufactured in Dorna.

After gaining six-years of  work experience, in 2009 I decided to continue my graduate studies towards my PhD in Canada. In September 2010, I joined department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University as a PhD student. Since then, under the supervision of professors Fred Afagh and. Rob Langlois, I have been  working on my research on intelligent control of composite helicopter rotor blades in the Applied Dynamics Group.

I do love Soccer and FC Barcelona football club; so, although I do not have much spare time, I try to watch all Barcelona matches specially the ones against Real Madrid. Beside Soccer, I do swimming and mountain climbing and read history books every chance I get.