MAAE 2101: Engineering Dynamics

Review of kinematics and kinetics of particles: rectilinear and curvilinear motions; Newton’s second law; energy and momentum methods. Kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies: plane motion of rigid bodies; forces and accelerations; energy and momentum methods.


Lecture Outline

Kinetics of Particles

  • Week 1: Principle of Work and Energy; Power and Efficiency; Conservative Forces and Potential Energy; Conservation of Energy.
  • Week 2: Principle of Linear Impulse and Momentum; Conservation of Linear Momentum; Impact; Angular Impulse and Momentum.
  • Week 3: System of Particles; Mass flows.

Planar Kinematics of Rigid Bodies

  • Week 4: Rigid Body Motion; Translation, Rotation; Angular Velocity and Acceleration; General Plane Motion; Absolute and Relative Velocity of Two Points on a Single Rigid Body; Velocity Diagrams.
  • Week 5: Instantaneous Center of Zero Velocity; Absolute and Relative Acceleration of Two points on a Single Rigid Body; Acceleration Diagrams.
  • Week 6: Absolute and Relative Motion of Two Points on Different Rigid Bodies; Sliding Contact; Motion Relative to Rotating Axes; Coriolis Acceleration; Slider-Crank Mechanisms.

Planar Kinetics of Rigid Bodies

  • Week 7: Moments of Inertia; Newton’s Law of Motion for Rigid Bodies Motion; Translation.
  • Week 8: Rotation About a Fixed Axis. General Plane Motion.
  • Week 9: Principle of Work and Energy for a System of Particles and Rigid Bodies; The Work of a Couple; Conservation of Energy.
  • Week 10: Linear and Angular Momentum for Rigid Bodies; Principle of Impulse and Momentum.
  • Week 11: Conservation of Momentum; Eccentric Impact.
  • Week 12: Mechanical Vibrations. Mass – Spring – Damper System. Free Vibration. Forced Vibration.